How do touchpads work?

Answer The touchpad is a computer pointing device commonly used on laptops in place of the mouse. The touchpad technology relies on a specially-made surface that can read and interpret the movements of th... Read More »

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How do touchpads work on laptops?

Laptop touchpads serve as a convenient replacement to your desktop computer's mouse. A touchpad is like a digitizing tablet minus the trackball and phony pen.Pointing DeviceA touchpad is an example... Read More »

Who invented touchpads?

The touchpad was originally invented by George E. Gerpheide in 1988. His design was licensed by Apple Computers, who first used it in 1994 on their PowerBook notebook computers. Today, it is the mo... Read More »

Do laptop computer keyboards and touchpads wear out?

With heavy and prolonged use, computer keyboards and touch pads, also known as track pads, can be worn down. The most common sign of wear on keyboards is when the letters start to fade and they bec... Read More »

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