How do tomatoes spread their seeds?

Answer Each seed inside a tomato has the potential to produce a new tomato plant. Tomatoes spread their seeds naturally in a variety of ways with help from wind, water and animals.Animal ConsumptionWhen a... Read More »

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How to Spread Seeds?

Nature spreads seeds through a wide variety of clever methods. Some seeds are appetizing to animals who eat them and defecate them widely. Other seeds are lined with with fluff that allows the seed... Read More »

How seeds are spread?

Seeds may be spread by:- Wind (eg dandelion sugar steelers) Animals (eg burs that stick to your clothing or seeds that pass through the gut) Water (eg coconuts) Mechanics (eg the squirting cucu... Read More »

How does a pineapple spread its seeds?

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How are pumpkin seeds spread?

Husks capable of passing through digestive systems encase pumpkin seeds; thus, the natural spread of pumpkin seeds is done via animal dispersal. In other words, after an animal has swallowed a pump... Read More »