Do those printer cartiridge ink refill things work?

Answer Im going to say this and Im sure there will be an uproar and the ink manufacturers will find some way to fix this this. 2 weeks ago my printer was real low on color ink. My husband put Regular fo... Read More »

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Do those things that pop up on your computer that say you won free stuff ever work?

no but sites like prize rebel do work all u have 2 do is give fake info and u end up wit really sweet stufftry it…

Im thinking of getting one of those lap things?

a goodly amount I am sure, as much will certainly be downloaded will you be needing help with installation?

Things to Do in San Diego for Those Under 21?

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How can I create one of those "Become a Fan" things on Facebook?

Go to any page that someone else made that has "Become a Fan" and scroll to the bottom. Look at the left hand column and there should be a button that says Create a Page for My BusinessGood Luck! (: