How do they train the dogs for search&rescue?

Answer Search and rescue (SAR) dogs are trained to follow scent trails to find missing people. They work in all types of conditions, including water and snow, to find victims of accidents as well as natur... Read More »

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On the underground, when they say 'someone taken ill on a train', what do they actually meant?

Because perhpas the train needs to stop so the person can get help!!!

They have dogs see 4 blind, detect low blood sugars, seizures, etc. When will they make 1 that can clean house?

I had one that cleaned up potato chip crumbs for me.

How to Train Cow Dogs?

Cow and cattle dogs are unlike nearly any other type of herding dog. They are born with their job in their blood, and they don't need to be extensively taught and trained. Working purely from insti... Read More »

How to Train Jealous Dogs?

Dog training requires a lot of dedication and patience. Dogs are pack animals and need to view their owners as the pack leader so that orders and directions are respected and followed. Likewise, do... Read More »