How do they put you to sleep for surgery?

Answer Hi,I know it can be quite a daunting experience, especially if you haven’t really had much exposure to this kind of thing before. Its easy for me to say but you should try and relax and get a goo... Read More »

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Is dying the same as when they put you to sleep before surgery?

Please help me... they said they will have to do Root Canal Surgery to me...?

Awww Queen Lucy I can understand your fear, I can relate because I was afraid to go and get my 4 wisdom teeth pulled but if I can do it than anyone can. They give you some injections to make the ar... Read More »

Can diabetics be put to sleep for surgery?

I'm a diabetic and I've been under general anesthesia many times (not for the reason you're talking about though).In general they check your blood sugar prior to surgery. They do not check again un... Read More »

Do you get put to sleep for cataract surgery?

On One Hand: Numbing Is Preferred by SurgeonsCataract surgery anesthetics do not put patients "to sleep." Instead they numb the surgical site by direct application (topical), injection (local) or b... Read More »