How do they put you to sleep for surgery?

Answer Hi,I know it can be quite a daunting experience, especially if you haven’t really had much exposure to this kind of thing before. Its easy for me to say but you should try and relax and get a goo... Read More »

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How does it feel to be put to sleep for surgery?

You'll be hooked up to an IV. They'll inject you with happy juice first to relax you and make you feel groovy. They put you on the table and give you oxygen and inject the anesthesia via IV, they'l... Read More »

Can diabetics be put to sleep for surgery?

I'm a diabetic and I've been under general anesthesia many times (not for the reason you're talking about though).In general they check your blood sugar prior to surgery. They do not check again un... Read More »

Is dying the same as when they put you to sleep before surgery?

Is it scary to be put under, like put to sleep, for surgery?

Had shoulder surgery its no biggie when they gave me gas I made it to 96 countin backwards, when I woke it was all good...