How do they make those DirecTV commercials that feature scenes from movies events music videos with superimposed scenes selling DirecTV?

Answer Computers, make-up, set design

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What Movies tv shows or videos have scenes of someone getting hit by an airbag I want to make a compilation of them all combined.?

Freaky Friday(the remake)U.S MarshalsCasperDumb and DumberGood Burger

What are some of those movies where single scenes don't really stand out, the movie comes together as a whole?

The Departed - such a fantastic movie, but no mindblowing scenes. The opener to the movie is probably the most attention grabbing bit. American History X - I watched this again just a few days ago,... Read More »

Why the fight scenes in most of the south Indian movies are so unrealistic?

that is what we got to laugh about our movies..u are wrong...actually in telugu movies..we get to watch an old fellow kickin 100 people ...they make because they think we like them..but they dunno... Read More »

How to Find Local Music Scenes?

Want to listen to local music but don't really know how to find all of it?