How do they kill cows?

Answer Cattle can live up to 25 years, but most cattle are slaughtered before three years of age. They are killed for two primary reasons: younger cattle for meat and older cattle that are sick or non-pro... Read More »

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Why is it legal to kill cows and pigs but not cats and dogs?

because we eat cows and pigs and we dont eat cats and dogs.

Why Has God Put Chickens, Cows, and Pigs on earth, When they have no defence mechanisms?

Omg, I would love all the meat eaters here to be put in the jungle with real carnivores and see how they go with THEIR natural self defence mechanisms, no weapons included !!We are definitely not a... Read More »

People eat cows, lambs, chickens, fish etc so why don't they eat dogs & cats?

What - never been to places like Korea or to any Chinese restaurants in the UK......

You know on the cleaning product ads how they say "kills 99.9% of germs!", what's the .1 they can't kill?

they only say that so they wont get sued.. because if someone gets sick or something.. theey cant sue the company for their product because they didnt claim to get rid of all the germs :D