How do they get tv ratings?

Answer TV ratings are procured by Nielsen Media Research, which measures the number of viewers for each show. Those ratings determine how much networks can charge for advertising, how well a given show is... Read More »

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How to Choose Appropriate Movie Ratings and Television Ratings for Your Teenagers?

This is a step by step info on how to decide what is appropriate for a younger teenager and an older teenager when it comes to TV and movies.

Have they put BB over to E4 to try to boost that channel's ratings or to try to get evryone going digital?

Probably both Joan.Bruce Willis in Die Hard 3 is on BBC1 shortly so I'm off to watch that.

How to Read Bat Ratings?

Reading baseball and softball bat ratings -- wooden, aluminum or composite -- refers to deciphering the codes and numbers that manufacturers print along the barrel of their bats or include with the... Read More »

How are TV ratings determined?

Every program broadcast on television, with the exception of news and sports, is given a rating. The ratings are called TV Parental Guidelines and they alert parents about the content so they can d... Read More »