How do they get the baby out of you when you misscarrie at 4 months?

Answer Usually the baby comes out on its own. If some tissue is left up inside the gynecologist will have to go up through the vagina and manually remove it.

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How do they do a DNA test on a 6 months old baby?

Do you ever think it is wrong to tell people to "try foster care" when they say they want a baby?

To say "Try foster care" to someone who wants to adopt a baby is wrong and there's no point in saying it really...If someone wants to adopt, they're not going to try foster care just because someon... Read More »

What does a baby look and do when you are 7 months pregnant?

They are completely normal looking, even having hair and eyebrows/eyelashes. Seven-month-old fetuses are sometimes not even considered premature, as they often have the ability to survive perfectly... Read More »

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