How do they get my information from identity theft?

Answer Identity theft is a growing crime in the United States that affects 9 million Americans each year, according to estimates from the Federal Trade Commission. Stolen personal information opens the do... Read More »

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Identity theft/money fraud: How much can scammers do w/ the following information about you?

Once a person has responded to the scammers with that simple information, they will then contact the victim again asking for bank details (for the "million dollars" to be paid into. Additionally, ... Read More »

How to Recover from Identity Theft Without Reporting It?

This article is for unfortunate people who've had their identity stolen by someone who they don't want to pursue legal action against. It may have been your parent, your child, a sibling, a signifi... Read More »

How to Protect Your Kids from Identity Theft?

As a parent,you are committed to protecting your children. You do your best to shield them from all harm,But how do you protect your children from Identity Thieves?

How to Protect Yourself from Computer Identity Theft?

Identity theft is considered as a huge problem in our society. Identity theft occurs once a thief assumes another person’s identity by using confidential information supposed to be known exclusiv... Read More »