How do they get jam (jelly) in jam doughnuts (donuts)?

Answer There is a hole in the bottom of the doughnut, you just don't see it because there's usually a glaze that covers it. When putting in custard or jelly in a doughnut, they usually get a pastry bag w... Read More »

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If Americans call jam jelly, what do they call jelly?

Sorry, mate -- in America we do have jam, and call it that. Fruit-based spreads to put on toast comes with four names on this side of the Pacific:Jam consists of pieces of fruit cooked with sugar ... Read More »

Why are doughnuts called doughnuts and not doughrings?

See The History of the Donut through " "! The copy as followed:)The doughnut has existed since the begining of time. So long that archaeologists continue to unearth fossilized bits of wh... Read More »

What happens to all the middles from doughnuts Do they just throw them away or what?

When I was a young girl we used to go to the local town bakery and they would sell bags of donut holes for fifty cents a bag. I believe you can still buy donut holes at bakerys

Besides the Donuts what is your favorite thing to eat at Dunkin Donuts?

Hi Scooter!I like an egg and cheese on a croissant and toasted everything bagel w/cream cheeseYUMMY