How do they determine what your Social Security number is?

Answer Today's nine-digit, government-issued Social Security numbers are used for taxpayer identification, armed service identification, jury selection, credit management and many other government identif... Read More »

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How to Determine When It is Safe to Release Your Social Security Number?

The social security account number was created in 1936 to keep track of retirement and other benefits regulated by the government. The social security number (SSN) was not created to be used as a p... Read More »

How does Social Security determine disability?

If a person cannot work due to a disability and has paid into FICA (Social Security), she can apply for disability payments through the Social Security Office. The process can take up to six months... Read More »

How does social security determine a disability amount?

A person receives the amount of money necessary to put them 3 percent below the poverty line. Nice right :(

How to Determine Past Due Social Security Disability?

Almost every claim for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits is eligible for back pay. Back pay is the past due amount owed to you based on the amount of time between the date of disability and... Read More »