How do they cram all that graham into a box of Golden Grahams?

Answer They do mathematical calculations before the cramming.

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How to Cram More Fun Into the Last Days of Summer Break?

So there are only a few more days of summer! What can you do to make it the best summer ever?

How many colours has Sony managed to cram into its super small screen?

I highly recommend any android powered device... including the HTC wildfire. I personally think that HTC makes the best phones and the android operating system is better than the iphone operating s... Read More »

Help! Forming objective for professional resume to advise potential employer I can cram several men into 1 day?

Here are some buzz words sure to make you stand out:Team player. Multitasker.Hands on.Bukakke. Flexible.Service with a smile.

There was this TV series in the mid-late 90's that had kids break into a house and they made a wish to become superheroes of somesort what was that show?