How do these little people fit on television?

Answer cause snowy the white bear is melting

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What is good on Television these days?

I really never have time to watch t.v but when i do there is really nothing good playing... i sometimes watch gossip girl or privileged

Do American people REALLY google these questions about British people lol ?

Being an American I can say those are exactly the type of questions Americans would google. Though I think the bad teeth stereotype has died out somewhat. Admittedly I wondered about a couple of th... Read More »

People are DYING&by the MILLIONS!!!! How the HECK can these people be saying "HIV is a Myth"?

Prof Sam, pk_dag (aka Paul King), and some other users like arronca and gosm3r came here from the MSN Dissident Action group awhile ago to try and "educate" people that HIV does not exist, deny any... Read More »

Can someone identify these little bugs?

Those are aphids, and they will be eaten by ladybugs or green lacewings. The safest thing to do is to find a garden center locally that sells bags of ladybugs - places that sell organic gardening ... Read More »