How do the Amish explain a new baby?

Answer At the age of seven they are sat down and told the wonderful process of life. Every spring time once in a great while a chicken will lay a green egg. If you take the egg and hike to the top of a mo... Read More »

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I need your help.....Can you help explain the difference between a baby and a babby I can't seem to make?

Babbies are things that pop out of ompelle's hibbity-hoo-hah every 4 months (she is magical that way), and baby's are .... ah, crap... I have no idea what those are.*cries*

I am going to have a baby soon. How do I explain breastfeeding to my older child?

Just explain matter-of-factly where the baby's milk comes from. You can tell him that the same is true of all animals, and maybe even see if your library has any videos or books that show baby ani... Read More »

Explain the various techniqs for animation in multimedia also explain how a multimedia packeg to be desined foe awarenss use for internet?

Just because you stole it you aren't worth answering. Good day

How to: Amish Bun?

Amish women wear their hair center-parted in plain buns beneath a netting and a head covering. They make their buns as adornment-free as possible, which means they remain devoid of decorative hair ... Read More »