How do tell someone to shut up without risking offence?

Answer Please be quiet I am trying to concentrate.

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I have to say shut up to my sister every day how do you get her to shut up without duck tape?

There are many ways:Ignore her; She just wants attention.Bribe herThreaten her; in a harmless wayTell someonePut her somewhere elseOR you can beat her up.

Can someone tell me a natural supplement to lower blood pressure without rx drugs?

STOP SMOKING- Not only will this help keep your blood pressure in line, you'll also diminish your risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. SHED EXCESS POUNDS-There's a direct link between being ... Read More »

How do u tell someone they got stinky breath without hurting their feelings?

Say:'You breath is stinking up my breathing space. Here, have some gum"

How to Tell Someone You Like Them Without You Having to Know What They Say Next?

Have you ever wanted to tell someone you liked them but you don't want to be turned down, so you just want to tell them and be over it? Hopefully, you'll get the guts to tell them, but if you don't... Read More »