How do television broadcasters know what you are watching?

Answer Many ways...they can ring a certain number of people ...or generally they have selected families covering all ages, social backgrounds, money etc and attach a device on the tv to show what is being... Read More »

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How to Make Watching Television Useful?

Television can be useful if you use it right.Television can be a valuable tool if used correctly. With many ideas floating around on your television, it can be hard to make use of them.

Watching HD 3D television on a normal TV?

The answer appears to be no. While it's true that the blu ray 3D standard was just set, and most blu ray players won't need to be upgraded, the TV is a different case. It appears that these TVs tha... Read More »

Can cable television companies tell what you are watching?

How much time do kids spend watching television?

According to a 2009 survey by The Nielsen Co., children ages two to five years old watch almost 25 hours of television each week, while children ages six to 11 years old watch 22 hours of televisio... Read More »