How do teeth grow and what are they made out ofPlus if your wisdom teeth grow in can you loose those teeth to?

Answer Human teeth are formed in the following way. In the early embryo the skin along the future line of the jaw-bones thickens and is known as the dental lamina. The edge of this extends into the tissue... Read More »

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If you have straight but gapped teeth and your wisdom teeth have not come out yet will the wisdom teeth help close the gaps when they erupt?

It might help a little, but if your father or mother have gapped teeth, you probably will too.Answer When your wisdom teeth will come out, if you have space, they might close some gaps between your... Read More »

Is it possible for another set of wisdom teeth to grow in after pulling the first set?

"Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. Yes it is possible. I have seen second and even third sets of wisdom teeth. They are generally very small and under developed. An x-ray is needed to diagnose properly."F... Read More »

Is it common for one to never grow wisdom teeth?

I had the same condition. I grew both of my right wisdom teeth and none of my left.As far as not growing wisdom teeth altogether, it's a racial thing.Some races always get them. Some never do.htt... Read More »

Once wisdom teeth are removed can they ever grow back?

Not generally. Every time someone makes a definitive statement about something like that, someone will come along who disproves it so it generally isn?t a good idea to say what can and what can't h... Read More »