How do teenagers with Down syndrome cope with a Herbst appliance?

Answer It will take a few days. Be sure to monitor what the patient eats. Sticky and schewy stuff and suckers should be avoided. Speaking and eating will be a problem for a few days, but after a short adj... Read More »

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Are there Ways to get used to a herbst appliance?

i have a herbst appliance in my mouth right now.I got it tightened and I have four ulcers in my mouth,but that was just because the assistant put in legs that were too long.The appliance hurts for ... Read More »

TMJ and herbst appliance...questions?

If you have or think you have a TMJ issue then your first priority has to be to confirm the diagnosis.So find yourself a dentist that has an interest in TMJ problems and start at that point. You ne... Read More »

How to Cope With Having Asperger Syndrome?

Asperger syndrome affects many people in the world. Having said this, it does not make things easier to cope with, but knowing you have it is half the battle. Having said this, there are different ... Read More »

Aperger's Syndrome What do you do to Cope?

Educate yourself on Asperger's. Know as much about it as possible. Educate those who are actively involved in your life, as well. Establish routines for things like meals and household chores an... Read More »