How do tax deductions work when donating a car?

Answer You can include a donation of a car as a charitable donation on your tax return. The Internal Revenue Service has specific rules, however, on how much you can claim for the deduction.Immediate Sale... Read More »

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Does the IRS allow deductions for donated work?

The Internal Revenue Service does not allow deductions for donated work. However, you are permitted to deduct the cost of raw materials used in the work. For example, if you delivered meal for a ho... Read More »

What Work Expenses Qualify as Income Tax Deductions?

Federal tax laws provide an array of miscellaneous deductions for employees who incur expenses related to a trade or profession. In order to take the deduction, you must not receive reimbursement f... Read More »

What can i eat a before donating blood?

I've always eaten perfectly normally before and after donations - I've made over 70 plus some platelet donations. No special diet is required.

Is donating plasma bad for you i need to know before i go ?

It's not necessarily good for you, but it won't kill you. Otherwise, why would they allow people to donate? And about your other question - cold sores /are/ herpes - they're one in the same. Look i... Read More »