How do tape recorders work?

Answer A tape recorder uses the principles of magnetism to capture sound waves and transfer an electronic representation of them onto tape for later playback.ControlsA typical tape recorder includes contr... Read More »

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Tape Recorders in the Classroom?

Tape recorders provide cheap and interactive educational activities for students that teachers cannot provide. Tapes are important for use in foreign language and history classes. Tapes allow teach... Read More »

How to Use Tape Recorders in KS1 Literacy?

Tape recorders can be useful devices in almost any classroom. However, in KS1 Literacy, which is the basic literacy class in the United Kingdom, the tape recorder will likely be used as an educatio... Read More »

How to Use Mini Tape Recorders in Class?

Taking a mini tape recorder into class may not be allowed, however, here are some tips on how to use them without getting caught. Plus, research shows that kids that tape record teacher lectures an... Read More »

U.K. Employment Law on use of Tape Recorders in a Hearing?

Employees or employers often wish to record the details of a disciplinary hearing because this can become evidence in a subsequent court case. In the United Kingdom, laws exist that regulate the ci... Read More »