How do student loan repayments by your employer work?

Answer If you are in the US, this would be income to you.The only times it wouldn't be is if you took the loan with the contractual agreement that you would work in an underserved area for x number of yea... Read More »

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What will happen to student loan repayments if there is a recession?

As the student loans company work out the rate of inflation each year as defined by the retail prices index it changes annually and you are informed of this in your statement (at the moment it's ar... Read More »

Can student loan repayments be put on hold for 2 years if I wanted to become a Buddhist monk?

Unlike a deferment, which is a borrower right that is allowed under certain educational loan products, you are asking about a forbearance.A forbearance is never granted as a matter of right - a for... Read More »

How to Calculate Repayments on a Loan?

If people need money in a short period of time, then they have the option of taking out a loan. With a loan, a lender allows a borrower to borrow a sum of money. The borrower then must repay the mo... Read More »

Can a student loan issuing company (private bank) force you to pay off the student loan before you graduate?

If you are still in school no. It is called a deferment. They can only make you pay if your at in school 6 months later. That is stated in all student loan contracts. Go to your financial aid depar... Read More »