How do strobe lights work?

Answer A strobe light, also known as a stroboscopic lamp, is a light that provides illumination by producing a series of very short, bright flashes. The way they work is more similar to that of a camera f... Read More »

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How far do strobe lights have to be from each other?

The maximum distance between strobe lights should not exceed 100 feet, according to "Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings" by Walter T. Grondzik, Alison G. Kwok, Benjamin Stein and Joh... Read More »

When were strobe lights first introduced?

Dr. Harold Edgerton invented the strobe light in 1926 during his graduate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was studying the effects of high-speed flashes in photography, which ... Read More »

Are strobe lights illegal?

Strobe lights on vehicles are intended for show use only. Using strobe lights on any public road is illegal in all states. It's better to be noticed by the public at a car show, as supposed to ... Read More »

How to Install Strobe Lights?

Strobe lights are widely appreciated in both scientific and industrial applications. They draw instant attention to emergency vehicles on the road, create effects akin to lightning in theaters and ... Read More »