How do stop others seeing your history on computer?

Answer Click on "Tools" > "Internet Options" > "Delete History" or "Browsing History" then "History" and "Delete" if you have Windows Vista. You may want to delete Temporary Internet Files too or Cookies ... Read More »

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How can you stop others from logging onto your computer I shut down and it says there are others logged onto?

do you use a wireless router? if yes, password protect it so that others cant steal your internet connection.But from what i know, what happens to you is that someone else has also logged onto your... Read More »

How to stop a snooping boyfriend from seeing what i do on my computer!!?

Get a bigger badder boyfriend? :PFirst off, that isnt right that he is intentionally invading your privacy and you just stand by and let it happen regardless of how you feel about it. Stand up for ... Read More »

How to stop if someone spying on my computer and getting passwords and knowing my conversation with others?

How to Stop People From Seeing Your Status Updates on Facebook?

On Facebook, a "status update" is a message you post to the site's "News Feed" which updates those you've designated as being friends to your state of mind, what you're doing or even where you are.... Read More »