How do steel drums relate to slavery?

Answer Steel drums evolved from African drumming traditions brought to the West Indies by African slaves during European colonization. Spanish, British and French colonized Trinidad and Tobago, comprised ... Read More »

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How are steel drums made?

The steel drum or pan is considered the only original non-electric, acoustic instrument invented in the 20th century. It was developed in Trinidad around the time of World War II as a louder, more ... Read More »

How to Remove Rust From Steel Car Drums?

Brake drums are made from cast steel, and since they typically don't have any painted protection, they tend to rust and look unattractive after a few years of use. Although it's not detrimental to ... Read More »

How to Write a One Page Essay Comparing & Contrasting the Argument of Pro-Slavery & Anti-Slavery?

Compare and contrast essays are expository essays instead of argumentative essays. Rather than try to convince readers of an argument you formulate based on your research, you simply show two diffe... Read More »

How to Replace Drums Audio With Sampled Drums in "Cubase"?

Face it, the drummer in your band missed the mark on that last track, but telling him so would send his delicate ego crashing into the band down the block. Instead of grabbing him by the shoulders ... Read More »