Do Fish Have Babies Sexually or Asexually?

Answer Fish have babies, or reproduce, in various ways. The two main ways fish breed are laying eggs and bearing live young, both considered sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction occurs when the sperm ... Read More »

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How many babies does a butterfly fish have?

With more than 100 species of butterflyfish (family Chaetondontidae), the exact number of babies (larvae) produced by a single female varies. Typically, a female butterflyfish lays several thousand... Read More »

How babies guest star on elmo's world?

i don't no exactly but i think its with stitch caching xperiments but u never see her so...

How to Tell if Your Fish Is Having Babies?

Is your fish pregnant? Is it going to give birth? To tell, read this!

Frozen babies are normal like other babies do they have any abnormalities?

Answer There is not such a thing as "frozen babies". If you mean embryos, then there is no scientific proof that they are any more likely to result in a child with physical or mental disabilities ... Read More »