How do stage props work?

Answer Once known as a theatrical property, or stage prop for short, a prop is the professional term of the performance world for any item or object used by an actor in performance of a story. Props are u... Read More »

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How to Construct Stands for Stage Props?

Stage props come in many shapes and sizes, so stand needs vary based on the weight, shape, size, location and visibility of the object. In general, you do not want the stand for your props seen, so... Read More »

A Practical Guide for Making Stage Props?

Prop building is a vital part of any stage production. Without props (any item used by the actors during the play, such as a phone or chair), the play may leave the audience feeling bewildered as t... Read More »

How to Work the Stage During a Performance?

Whether you're saying a few lines, or a whole monologue, the stage is YOURS for the time being. Let the audience know with these steps.

How does a two stage gas furnace work?

Gas furnaces that supply two-stage heating have dual output levels whereby burners operate on low or high depending on the thermal needs of a given day. These units run at lower capacity until extr... Read More »