How do squats work to get a fuller but !?

Answer Yes squats work. I'm a football player and a guy, if I can accidentally get an @ss from squats then I'm betting you can too haha. It isn't all about squats though. Your butt has three muscles that ... Read More »

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Do squats work the same muscles as the leg press?

Not really. Squats, by using free weights, tone your stabilizing muscles in addition to your quads, as well as train your brain to coordinate your muscles to balance heavy things. The leg press o... Read More »

How to Do Jump Squats?

This high-intensity exercise isolates and strengthens your quad muscles.

How to Do Plié Squats?

This medium-intensity exercise strengthens your glutes, quads, and hip muscles.

How to do squats for kegels?

Just tighten your muscles as you would to try to stop the stream while urinating. Hold for 10 seconds. Do 5-10 times Do 3-4 sets a day.