How do sound waves travel?

Answer Sound is defined as the rapid oscillation between increased density and pressure (compression) and decreased density and pressure (rarefaction) of particles. Sound is caused by disturbances in a pa... Read More »

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How Do Sound Waves Travel Through the Air?

Imagine throwing a rock into a pond of still water. There is an initial splash, followed by a ripple that eventually peters out. The larger the rock you throw, the larger the wave and the longer it... Read More »

What direction do sound waves travel?

Sound waves travel in all directions, similar to how waves travel when a rock falls into water, except that they also travel vertically. That is why you can hear people speak even when you are behi... Read More »

How does a sound meter read sound waves?

Sound is something we are exposed to on a daily basis without even thinking much about it---unless the sounds are too loud or too soft. There are ways to measure sound, and this can be achieved wit... Read More »

Science Projects: How Do Light Waves Travel?

By definition, light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that travels in waves. Visible light is the portion of electromagnetic radiation that can be seen by the human eye. Several types of ele... Read More »