How do some websites don't have .html at the end?

Answer This example, "", uses "login" as a folder with a page named index.html.This example, "" , has file in the root directory where the home page is alre... Read More »

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How come some lcd screens have a kind of gloss finish to them, and some dont?

Until maybe 10 years ago all LCD screens had a non-glossy matte finish. But then they started offering some with a glossy finish, especially on laptops that were intended to show lots of movies (be... Read More »

Are their any good cheap shoes websites, i dont care if their fake as long as i dont get ripped off plese help?

If they're cheap, and they break after a week, YOU WILL be getting ripped off! I've had that happened to med. You can pay a little bit more if shoes last for years, so wearing fakes also help supp... Read More »

How do i add bars on websites in html?

Open your web page's source code in a text editor and determine where you want to place a bar. Insert the HTML code to create a horizontal bar across the page. Save your file and verify that the c... Read More »

Why am I considered underweight according to some websites but yet I still have layers of fat?

dude that's skinny. but not underweight. im almost the same exact size as you. I'm 14, 5'4" and 105 pounds. and im skinny but not bony... nor underweight. i cannot understand how 105 pounds for 5'5... Read More »