How do some people get that tiny heart character Special key board?

Answer Do you mean this?♥All you have to do is press 'alt' and 3 at the same time. This doesn't work on a laptop because it has to be the 3 in the numbers on the far right of the keyboard.If this isn't ... Read More »

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What causes people to have special needs and why does people call that stuff special needs any ways?

I had little tiny pains in my heart this morning, what can that be?

Please get it checked out medically, because chest pain is sometimes a symptom of something serious.If they say it's "nothing", you lose nothing here in Canada, because we have universal health car... Read More »

What are some of the things that are good and bad for your heart?

Good for the heart:--* Aerobic exercise.* Low fat diet + fruits & vegetables.(vegetarian diet).* Omega-3 fatty acid.Bad for the heart:-- * High saturated fat diet may cause coronary artery disease.... Read More »

Does the military accept people that were in special education?

Quite often, yes, provided they can pass the ASVAB with the minimally acceptable GT score for the service in which they hope to enlist.