How do solar pool heaters work?

Answer A heated pool can extend the swimming season from early spring well into late fall. However, it's expensive to heat a pool. Utilizing free energy from the sun to heat pool water is a very economica... Read More »

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Grants for Solar Pool Heaters?

Solar water heaters provide a renewable, environmentally safe way to heat pool water and can easily be integrated into a home or facility's solar energy technology. No grants are specifically desig... Read More »

Which solar pool covers work best?

On One Hand: Clear Solar CoverA solar cover with a clear finish will allow the most heat energy through to your pool water. Pools with transparent covers will heat up faster.On the Other: Opaque So... Read More »

What Are Solar Water Heaters?

Solar water heaters are also referred to as solar domestic hot water systems. They use sunlight, a free energy source, to heat the water that is used in a home.System PartsA solar water heating sys... Read More »

Components of Solar Water Heaters?

Solar collector systems are a popular and cost effective way of using the sun's energy to heat water in the home. A number of components are in an active solar water heating system, but the process... Read More »