How do snow people have babies?

Answer This is a dumb question. They cant

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Do people really leave babies on other people's doorsteps in baskets they'll take care of them?

Why do people assume poor people cannot parent and don't deserve their babies?

Yeah, I noticed them, too. I also know that most people in America live one or two paychecks from homelessness, and one serious family illness, like breast cancer, heart attack or stroke, can wipe... Read More »

People driving in the snow?

Well, I'm in Chicago and today was fu(king insane... I know how to drive in the snow but when my SUV can't keep it's wheels under itself... I just try my best to not hit anyone until I can get her ... Read More »

Why Do People With 4X4's Drive Fast In The Snow?

Because they are idiots. Isn't that what you always suspected?