How do snare drums work?

Answer The snare drum is based on the double-headed medieval tabor drum that was used for military purposes from the 16th century onward, according to McAnulty College and Graduate School of the Liberal A... Read More »

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Who invented the snare drums?

The inventor of the snare drums is unknown. However, the medieval tabor, which was used in the Middle Ages, was the earliest known snare drum. The snare drum became popular with military bands in t... Read More »

When were snare drums discovered?

A predecessor of the snare drum, the Tabor, has been in known existance since the early 1300s in Europe. This Middle Ages instrument was a doublie-sided drum with a single snare. It was used alongs... Read More »

What year were snare drums invented?

The modern snare drum can be traced back to the 13th century European drum known as the "tabor." The drum became popular with fife players and the military in the 14th century, especially due to th... Read More »

How do snare drums produce sound?

Snare drums have two drum heads or skins stretched across the top and bottom of the drum, which work together to produce sound. This sound can be altered in several ways.Bottom HeadRunning along th... Read More »