How to Make Fake Snakes?

Answer Many children have an endless fascination with snakes. If you want a unique snake toy for your child, you can make one using old bottle caps. This fake snake will be an original toy that none of yo... Read More »

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How to Make Wood Snakes?

A wooden snake is a simple and fun toy. It can move and flex like a real snake with none of the biting danger. You can make several wooden snakes and make them look completely different with unique... Read More »

How to Make Chinese Knot Snakes?

The Chinese knot snake makes a chain of knots on one or two soft ropes. Using two different colored ropes, the pattern made by the knots resembles the scales on a snake. The Chinese knot snake is b... Read More »

Tips on Connecting Drain Snakes to Make Longer?

Drain snakes come in a variety of lengths up to 50 feet. While 50 feet may seem like a great deal of footage, some of the more complex pipes in the house, such as the ones for a toilet, can actual... Read More »

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