How do snail shells grow?

Answer They eat algae off walls of aquariums and off the bottom of plant leaves... Some snails can become 10-15cm long

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How Turtle Shells Grow?

A turtle's shell is predominantly keratin, the same fibrous protein found in bones, nails, teeth and horns. Baby turtles hatch with a perfectly formed shell that hardens and continues to grow, rege... Read More »

Do snails grow their own shells?

Snails are members of the Phylum Mollusca, or mollusks, and the class Gastropoda, or gastropods. All mollusks grow their own shells using high levels of nutrients like calcium, which are derived fr... Read More »

Do egg shells make plants grow faster?

Egg shells are a good source of calcium, which plants use to grow. You can crush and compost the eggshells to make them easier for the plant to use. IN ADDITION:Egg shells are not recommended to pl... Read More »

Will egg shells for fertilizer help a plant grow faster?

Egg shells are an inexpensive homemade fertilizer option that can improve the growth rate and quality of your plants. Egg shells help restore calcium into the soil, as well as nitrogen and phosphor... Read More »