Does propecia cause genetic mutations?

Answer On One Hand: Propecia Causes Developmental IssuesPropecia is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor used in the treatment of prostate hyperplasia and hair loss in men. According to the pharmaceutical manuf... Read More »

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How do you take your iPhone off silent when your silent switch has broken off?

you are best off asking this question on the apple forum website. they will give you a lot of info and if you still get no response you are better off taking it into a phone shop they may also help... Read More »

How is a silent auction done?

Silent auctions are fundraising activities that schools, churches and nonprofit groups often hold with another fundraising event such as a luncheon or festival. Guests bid against each other for do... Read More »

How do you put an iphone on silent?

on the left side of the phone, there's a small switch, and a two-way volume button. Flip the small switch on the top and it will be in silent (vibrate) mode.

What is a silent migraine?

A silent migraine is another term for an ocular migraine. According to the Mayo Clinic, this type of migraine does not induce a pounding headache as much as it wreaks havoc on your vision.CausesMig... Read More »