How do shock absorbers work?

Answer All cars have some sort of shock absorber to improve ride and handling. A broken or worn-out shock absorber can be an inconvenient and potentially dangerous fault.PurposeA car is suspended by sprin... Read More »

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How Shock Absorbers Work?

V-belts have a cross section resembling a "V." The narrow end of the "V" taper sits inside the groove of a taper wheel. This increases the contact area between the pulley and the belt. During use t... Read More »

How Do Automotive Shock Absorbers Work?

As every one knows, to keep an automobile up and running efficiently, a certain amount of preventive care and maintenance is required. While many jobs necessitate a trip to the dealer or local gara... Read More »

When to Buy Shock Absorbers?

Just as unavoidable as death and taxes is the fact that, eventually, you will need to buy new shocks for your vehicle and have them installed. Shocks ensure that your car or truck handles comfortab... Read More »

How to Select Shock Absorbers?

Anyone with a car appreciates a smooth ride, but when the shock absorbers for your truck or car age, you need to replace them with absorbers capable of providing you with the same smooth ride. Bec... Read More »