Do sharks sleep with one eye open?

Answer While sharks have eyelids, they don't blink or close them when resting. Technically, sharks don't even sleep. According to the Florida Museum of Natural History, "Sharks do not sleep like humans do... Read More »

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Why can't I sleep I am on medication to help me sleep but just can't seem to sleep. I am scheduled to have?

Gosh another surgery Fish? You just have some anxiety about it. Understandable, but everything will be fine. here are some ways to help make sleep come a bit easier. I have to take Melatonin at nig... Read More »

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Learn relaxing techniques, deep breathing, stretching, laying flat on your back in bed and listening to each breath and feeling your heartbeat and blood flowing through your body. Concentrate on y... Read More »

Do sharks eat manatees?

Though the two live in close proximity to each other, it is very rare for a shark to attack a manatee. Because of a manatee's size and slow movements, a shark will usually leave it alone, though th... Read More »

Do sharks eat seals?

Despite their fearsome reputation, most species of sharks do not feed on large prey. The world's largest shark, the whale shark, subsists mainly on a diet of plankton. A few species however, like t... Read More »