How do shallow well pumps work?

Answer In many rural areas water access means a well and a well pump. Some areas have low water tables requiring shallow water wells. In these situations, a shallow well pump, or jet pump, is the mechanis... Read More »

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How does a shallow well work?

A shallow well is made by boring into an underground aquifer, usually at a depth of less than 100 feet. Shallow wells are often used where the water table is very high.FeaturesA shallow well typic... Read More »

How do i prime a shallow well pump?

Once your well goes dry, getting water back into your house can be a chicken or egg type of problem. You need water to prime the pump. But all the water is at the bottom of the well. This is one re... Read More »

How to Prime Well Water Pumps?

Keep a 5-gallon container filled with water next to your surface pump. When your well loses its prime, you'll need it. Surface pumps must be filled with water to create the suction necessary to lif... Read More »

Who makes well pumps for Sears?

Sears does not have any store-brand submersible well pumps on its website as of February 2010. It sells pumps manufactured by Franklin Electric, Simer, Sta-Rite and Wayne. Sears' store brand, Craft... Read More »