How do sesame seeds stick to buns?

Answer To make the sesame seeds stick to a bun, you must provide them with a moist surface. Brush the bun with a liquid--egg white, milk or butter, for example--then sprinkle the seeds. Put the bun in the... Read More »

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Do the poppy seeds on buns give a hallucinogenic effect when eaten?

Poppy seeds themselves will not give a hallucinogenic affect, though when eaten in large quantities, they can cause you to fail a drug test. The hallucinogen opium is made from the immature seed p... Read More »

How are sesame seeds grown?

Sesame seeds have flavored foods from ancient times. Single-stalk sesame plants 2 to 4 feet high have elongated, fragile seed pods that easily break open, traditionally requiring labor-intensive ha... Read More »

How to Plant Sesame Seeds?

Sesame seeds are a warm-season annual. They produce seeds from mid-summer until fall frost kills of the plants. These seeds are used whole in many recipes, or they can be crushed and the oil extrac... Read More »

Are sesame seeds good for you?

On One Hand: Dense with Beneficial NutrientsSesame seeds are an excellent source of minerals, especially copper and manganese, as well as iron, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorus. In add... Read More »