How do scientists genetically transfer genes into another organism?

Answer There are many ways to do so. In plants the most common technique is to use a bacteria called agrobacterium. This bacterium performs genetic engineering as a natural part of its life cycle which fo... Read More »

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What's the term for an organism that lives on or in another?

Parasitism if the organism harms the host.Commensalism if the host isn't harmed but doesn't benefit.

What is it called when a new organism grows from the parent organism?

What makes an organism an organism?

An organism lives. It has life because of organs. Organs are structures such as the lungs of animals, or the leaves of plants. These structures have specific, usually essential, jobs to do. Each or... Read More »

What are some potential impacts that might result from introducing genetically engineered organisms into the soil habitat?

The biggest potential impact would be contamination of equivalent non-genetically engineered organisms. For gmo plant parts and seeds spread by wildlife and wind.Yes the main impact would be if the... Read More »