How do scientists determine whether skeletal remains are male or female?

Answer The science of criminal investigation is an ever improving field; the ability of scientists today to discover so much from so little is impressive. Today's modern day methods and equipment can be v... Read More »

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How do scientists determine if a trace mineral is an essential nutrient or not?

Certain minerals are required in a healthy animal's diet. Minerals required in large amounts are called macrominerals, while those required in amounts so small that it is difficult to measure them ... Read More »

How to Determine Whether the Triangles Are Congruent?

Congruency is an important concept to help establish the properties of geometric figures. Two triangles are congruent if they have exactly the same three sides and exactly the same three angles. Co... Read More »

How to Determine Whether a Motherboard Is an ATX or a BTX Board?

ATX motherboards and cases have been the standard for personal computers since 1995. This format was the industry standard for consumer PCs. In late 2004 Intel introduced the BTX standard due to th... Read More »

What do doctors do to determine whether you are pregnant?

Usually they will test your urine to see if you are pregnant. If it is more than a week before your period, they may do a blood test instead. Sometimes they may do a blood test anyway to get a gene... Read More »