How do scientist classify soils?

Answer In three layers/horizons:A (made of topsoil, crumbly, dark brown soil mixture of humus, clay, and other minerals.)B (made of subsoil, made of clay and other particles with little humus.)andC (conta... Read More »

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How do scientists classify soils?

Soils fall into two main classifications, coarse-grained and fine-grained, which in turn include smaller classifications that range from clay, the finest particle, up to gravel, the largest.Classif... Read More »

How do scientist classify viruses?

They are often classified by a number of different viral characteristics. These include DNA vs. RNA viruses, single strand (ss) vs. double strand viruses (ds), enveloped vs. non enveloped, retrovir... Read More »

How to Classify Larimar?

Larimar is a rare colored gemstone that is found in only one place: a mountainside on the south side of the Dominican Republic. Larimar has the appearance of turquoise, but its visual complexity an... Read More »

How to Classify a Baler?

sinobaler baling machine, fiber baling machine, coconutThis article explains how to classify a baler, used for compacting waste goods into smaller amounts for removal from stores and factories, for... Read More »