How do school bus drivers communicate?

Answer School bus drivers regularly use radios that comply with Federal Communications Commission-regulated frequencies to communicate with dispatchers at bus garages and other drivers. Some also may use ... Read More »

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How to Communicate Between Home & School?

When it comes to looking after a child's education and well-being, it is vital that parents and teachers be on the same page. One way to ensure that these two forces in a child's life remain a unif... Read More »

How to Communicate With School Personnel?

Proper communication with school personnel can be the key to defusing, understanding and resolving a situation in which your child's educational needs are not being met. May it be a behavioral issu... Read More »

How to Communicate Effectively With a High School Teacher?

Most people think that communicating with a professor, especially a high school teacher, is hard. But the truth is that there are some ways to approach them, being a student.

If you have 4 autos and 4 drivers can you list your 2 teen drivers as part time drivers on 2 of the cars?

Answer Depends on your insurance company. Some require one primary driver to each car if you have 4 cars with 4 people living in the house. But some allow you to list the parents as primary driver... Read More »