How do scattering seeds increase the chance that new plants will grow?

Answer it increses because the seeds are under ground and the sun shines on the dirt and the seeds get soil.and you need to water it for it to grow.

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Will corn seeds grow popcorn plants?

Popcorn plants grow from popcorn seed. Popcorn plants are in the same family as sweet corn. Sweet corn is grown to be tender while the hull, or covering, of a popcorn kernel is hard, which allows s... Read More »

Will plants grow without planting any seeds?

No Because in a seed is a plant so it would be impossible.Some plants will grow from cuttings. Plants like geraniums and daisies grow very easily in this way. It is a type of cloning, as the offspr... Read More »

Seeds That Grow Thorny Plants?

Thorny plants abound in nature and in gardens. They may be trees, shrubs, flowers or weeds. Thorns serve several purposes in nature. They are a defensive mechanism to keep animals from grazing on t... Read More »

List of Plants That Grow From Seeds?

Growing plants from seed can be a fun way to expand a garden plot. Seed plants may sometimes self-seed and replant themselves, saving the gardener the time. Plants that come from seed in the garden... Read More »