How do scattering seeds increase the chance that new plants will grow?

Answer it increses because the seeds are under ground and the sun shines on the dirt and the seeds get soil.and you need to water it for it to grow.

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Do all plants need seeds to grow?

Seeds are just one means of growing a new plant, for there are times, when a flowering plants can reproduce without seeds. Sometimes a plant will reproduce from underground runners, which will brea... Read More »

How do seeds grow into plants?

seeds should first form roots then they grow stems and then the grow leaves and after that they sprout shoots then they grow bigger then they become a plant.

Seed Scattering Plants?

In order for a plant species to be successful, it needs to disperse its seeds away from the parent plant so that offspring do not compete with the parent and the species can colonize a new area. Pl... Read More »

Can you grow plants from seeds that have been frozen?

Frozen seeds sprout as well as seeds that have not been frozen. In some cases frozen seeds sprout even better than ordinary seeds, especially when they are saved for periods longer than one year. S... Read More »