How do saxophones work?

Answer Sound results from a disturbance in air pressure in the form of a wave. This sound wave vibrates the ear drum and allows the brain to translate it into the experience of sound. Saxophones use this ... Read More »

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How do saxophones growl?

Growling on a saxophone is an effect used primarily in blues, pop or rock and roll music. It is often used at the peak of a solo to create excitement.BasicsThe growl occurs when you scream or sing ... Read More »

How do I remove lacquer on saxophones?

Disassemble the SaxophoneRemove the lacquer from your saxophone, knowing that it can have good and bad consequences. Lacquer protects the metal from rust and contact erosion. The difference in soun... Read More »

How do saxophones produce sound?

The saxophone produces sound through the use of a vibrating reed attached to a mouthpiece. By pressing keys on the saxophone, the player can produce various pitches.HistoryThe saxophone was invent... Read More »

Different Kinds of Saxophones?

The saxophone is one of the most popular musical instruments, known for its mellow yet vibrant tone heard in concert bands, jazz ensembles and big bands. Classified as a woodwind, yet made of brass... Read More »