How do satellites relay television images?

Answer Originally used to spy on governments and countries, satellites are used for nearly every aspect of our lives. From television and radio to phone conversations and even getting weather information,... Read More »

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How do communications satellites relay television images?

The first television images, which were actually still pictures, were transmitted in 1898. The first television broadcast using moving pictures took place in London in 1938. In the United States, t... Read More »

Can smoke from wildfires cause signal loss to television network satellites?

Yes. Since the signal is beamed from space, anything in the path of it, even smoke/heavy cloud cover, can cause interference.

Is it illegal to put internet downloaded images on my own website for eg. funny images/ celebrities images.?

It shouldn't be risked.Unless you have permission, you should never do so without permission, else you risk yourself of getting into trouble with the website/company/organization -- which means leg... Read More »

How do I get missing target images for the downloaded pictures from Nikon E5600 camera I can see images with?

I'm afraid this question is rather vague; you don't say where you are. However, Ebay will usually have a good range of Nikon equipment. In the UK, Ffordes, MXV and Mr Cad sell used equipment, Grays... Read More »