How do safe locks work?

Answer Most safe locks are combination locks, i.e., locks that require turning a dial to a series of numbers in a certain order to open. Combination locks use a simple but effective design that has remain... Read More »

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Are keypad door locks safe?

On One Hand: Codes Can Be CopiedA typical keypad lock has 10,000 possible entry codes. It would take more than 13 hours to try them all. But most people choose codes that are convenient, not secure... Read More »

Do TSA locks work internationally?

TSA luggage locks work by allowing Transportation Security Administration agents to open them using a master key, which prevents lock damage or clipping. Safe Skies TSA locks do not work overseas, ... Read More »

Why would the locks not work when using the remote?

I know its simple but make sure battery is good, if it is something else is going on, it could be there's a bit of corrosion on connectors where the battery goes

How Car Door Locks Work?

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