How do reptiles urinate?

Answer Most reptiles are adapted to life on land and must conserve water. Reptiles excrete uric acid, a semi-solid waste. This waste is generally whitish or yellowish and is excreted with feces.Uric AcidT... Read More »

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Do ants urinate or not?

Put simply yes, but for more detail:"They do in a quite literal sense. Ants use out-of-the-waychambers in their nests as bathrooms. They may also deposit trashin the same chambers. Of course, when ... Read More »

How do cats urinate?

Cat urine is pungent and poses many problems for pet owners. A well-trained, healthy cat often learns to urinate in a litter box.Time FrameFrom about three to four weeks of age, cats are able to ur... Read More »

How to Urinate Outside Discreetly?

Any where, any timeBy no means is anyone blessed with a bladder than can handle several drinks. Unfortunately, for everyone the urge to urinate can come at difficult times and there is not always a... Read More »

Why can't you urinate in the shower?

ahhh HELLO THAT IS NOT THE PLACE TO DO IT....that is what the toilet is for...HELLO